Falmouth – Finally!

Left Dartmouth on the morning of Friday 4/05, there was practically no wind so we were motor-sailing on Friday afternoon when we picked up a big chunk of fishing net around the prop! I went in the water and tried to cut it off put it was so COLD I had to give up and, since we could make no progress under sail, we had to call for assistance. The lifeboat came out from Fowey and towed us in – what a wonderful job they do, but I had hoped that I would never have to use them!! On the afternoon of Saturday 5/05 (which was Inger’s birthday) we finally made contact with a diver and he was able to cut the net away. As the picture shows, it was a fair size! We left Fowey on Sunday morning and finally made it to Falmouth after a great sail in a F5 wind. Now we wait for good weather to head south for northern Spain.

The net after it was cut away.




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