La Corunna to Cascais

We stayed in La Corunna until Sunday 20th May, enjoyong some good restaurants and strolls around the city, before continuing our journey south when the weather was right. Our first step was a day sail to Camarinas, we were once again entertained by a number of dolphins playing around Shearwater for perhaps 45 minutes; lovely to see once again. Camarinas is a pretty little town where we met an English couple (Gillian and Graham) who are just finishing their world circumnavigation after 5 1/2 years away – something of an inspiration for us!

On 23rd May we set sail for Leixoes (pronounced ‘layshoinsh‘), near Porto in nothern Portugal. We arrived on the morning of 24th, but about 3 hours into the trip our main halyard broke at the shackle, which meant we were motoring most of the time again. Leixoes is primarily an industrial port and we stuggled to find the charts we needed for the next part of our trip, but we got them in the end. On Friday 25th I managed to splice the shackle back on to the Halyard, climb the mast and get it back in place – I did ache a bit afterwards though!

We left Leixoes on the morning of  Saturday 26th May and arrived in Cascais on Sunday afternoon. We are enjoying a couple of days in this lovely town, in very sunny and warm weather, preparing for our next leg, which will be to Lagos on the Portugese south coast.


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